For private equity and venture capital firms, Customer-Based Corporate Valuation services will add value at every stage of your investment process


Perform a more thorough customer-based due diligence of the target


Have an independent, data-driven view on target’s future customer dynamics, marketing ROI, revenues, company value


Gain a competitive edge in bidding with:

  • More accurate estimates of potential targets' value

  • Better understanding of stability of existing revenue streams and levers to improve value of new revenue streams


Evaluate investment performance of current portfolio companies

  • Perform periodic CBCV valuations of portfolio companies to track their performance over time

  • Sense-check current management forecasts against CBCV to confirm their validity


Identify ways to increase valuation of portfolio companies by focusing on customer value


Maximize return on investment when exiting a portfolio company by:

  • Identifying sources of company value usually ignored by traditional valuation methods

  • Having a data-based view on the full company value and being able to showcase it to potential buyers