For public equities, Customer-Based Corporate Valuation services will provide a more insightful customer-based view of potential and current investments


Better estimate investments’ value and gain deeper insights into unit economics using publicly available data (SEC filings, presentations, 3rd-party data providers, etc.)

  • CBCV is able to uncover hidden customer behavior patterns in aggregate SEC filings when even a few key customer metrics are reported (e.g., gross customer acquisitions, active customers, total orders)

  • 3rd-party data can enhance CBCV ability to forecast future customer behavior


Always have an up-to-date forward-looking view of portfolio investments

Periodically re-assess value of portfolio investments using the CBCV methodology with the latest available data


Make adjustments to your investments based on updated CBCV valuations

Reports and recommendations

Provide a more insightful picture of company unit economics in analyst reports 

Set more accurate target prices in analyst reports and recommendations