How a Customer-Based Corporate Valuation Perspective Can Help Companies Navigate the Covid-19 Crisis

Image by Edwin Hooper

The Covid-19 pandemic strains businesses around the world, and uncertainty among consumers and in financial markets makes this situation uniquely difficult to navigate. Companies are making critical decisions now that could impact whether or not they survive. Our CBCV lens will help you carefully think through and model possible future scenarios to address key questions you may be facing right now.

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Planning and Preparing

  • How, exactly, has the demand shock impacted your customer behavior (and, ultimately, sales)?  What does this imply your revenue forecasts could be under different scenarios?

  • How will the crisis impact your customer value?

  • Will it be sustainable given new levels of customer acquisition costs?

Maintaining Adequate Liquidity

  • Do you need additional capital to maintain adequate liquidity to survive the crisis?

  • If so, how much capital will you need to raise?

  • How much equity would it be fair to give up to investors in return?

Optimizing Marketing Budget

  • Which customer acquisition channels generate highest-value customers?

  • What is the cost to acquire those customers?

  • How can you optimize marketing budget in a smart way?

Knowing Your Customer

  • Which customer segments should you focus on in this changed environment?

  • Which customer segments are likely to stay loyal during and after the crisis?

  • What customer-centric measures can you take to survive the crisis (and come out stronger)?

These are all questions that you should be considering in addition to the more typical questions that you regularly address. Our CBCV solutions (CBCV Express Analysis, CBCV Deep Dive, and CBCV Valuation) include a thorough analysis of customer behavior and potential scenarios that may impact your performance and valuation. Contact us to discuss how Customer-Based Corporate Valuation insights can help you better navigate these uncertain times.