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Junior Data Scientist

Customer-Based Corporate Valuation (CBCV) is revolutionizing the private equity and corporate finance worlds and we are expanding our Theta Equity Partners team to bring CBCV to life at an even larger scale.

We are looking to hire a new Junior Data Scientist – ideally, a former student of Professor Fader’s MKTG 476/776 class with solid understanding of probability modeling fundamentals in general and CLV models in contractual and non-contractual settings in particular. In this role you will become an expert in CBCV – working with private equity firms, corporations, and other firms doing valuation work, building CLV models, discovering customer value insights, and translating model outputs into company valuation.

Skills we are looking for:

  • Solid understanding of CLV models in contractual and non-contractual settings (e.g., BTYD)

  • Experience in R

  • Basic understanding of accounting concepts and corporate finance

  • Familiarity with DCF valuation

  • Product development experience is a plus

  • Strong performance in Professor Fader’s MKTG 476/776 class is a plus


Location: preferably New York or San Francisco


If you are interested, send your resume to Val Rastorguev –


Theta Equity Partners works with private equity / venture capital firms, hedge funds, and corporations, helping them better estimate company value and unit economics by predicting future customer behavior – acquisition, churn, spending.

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